In everything we do, our purpose is clear: to develop quality, practical and comfortable products. This is done through bold design, very caring, care and involvement. We produce suspended beds with accessories for dogs and cats, as well as protective covers for car seats. Our entire line is manufactured in Brazil and has superior raw materials to guarantee you a better life! Made with universal fit that fits perfectly to your car (containing headrest); Easily assembled device providing more agility in the installation; Prevents your dog or cat from moving to the front seats, avoiding accidents or fines;


Keeps your car free of hairs and away from dirt; It keeps easy access to your car’s safety feel;
Super easy cleaning as it is possible to take it to the washing machine; It has quick drying, protective-covers-for-cars-dog-cat-pets-products4. In everything we do, our purpose is clear: to develop quality, practical and comfortable products. This is done through bold design, very caring, care and involvement. We produce suspended beds with accessories for dogs and cats, as well as protective covers for car seats. Our entire line is manufactured in Brazil and has superior raw materials to guarantee you a better life!

Interior equipment – Function, repair and replacement information

The interior of the vehicle consists of all aesthetic components installed in the passenger compartment. They offer a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere and high functionality, so even the longest journeys are as comfortable as possible.

The interior components

The interior consists of the dashboard, the center console and the seats, the ceiling lining, the rugs, the storage compartments and the side panels. We can distinguish between standard parts and adaptive parts. Adaptive pieces can be curtains, luggage nets or even seat covers and heaters. Additionally there are numerous other components with which you can increase the comfort of your vehicle. The ecolha ranges from ashtrays, cup holders to various phone holders and navigation devices. Several electrical parts are still available in the market of adaptation: from lamps to blades, there are many electric 12V devices available for operation in the vehicle.

The typical delicacy of the interior

The interior is worn out due to normal wear. The driver’s seat, the steering wheel and the gearshift lever are particularly exposed to heavy wear. The covers become cracked, the upholstery diminishes and the friction surfaces become softer and sliding. If you want to keep the vehicle in its original state for a long time, regularly clean the interior and wear protective car cover it, which will be of help.

Specific enhancements through the use of replacement components

Much of the interior can be replaced with identical or even improved accessories from dealers. around the front seats, a large industry has developed that offers a wide range of interesting seats for each vehicle. With a professional and high-quality sports seat, the driver gains more safety. A solid lateral support makes driving on roads with considerably more pleasant turns and gives the driver a greater sense of safety. Similarly, steering wheel replacement can bring in additional features and improve vehicle control at high speeds. All components have, however, both a general authorization and an authorization for the specific vehicle model. If necessary, changes to the steering wheel and the seats must be recorded on the vehicle documents. This is especially necessary for vehicles with airbags integrated into the steering wheel. The replacement of the steering wheel in these vehicles is reserved only for specialized companies! Tackling the car is dangerous and illegal! The interior equipment is a vast field of activity that allows you to productively upgrade your vehicle and increase its value. High quality seat covers and new rugs give a used car a new feeling of comfort. Complemented with a deep wash, and an antique car can again get fully operational and presentable. The accessories market also offers numerous solutions that increase comfort in the interior. They are mostly on the floor, in the storage compartments and in the glove compartment and can be a great help in the dark. Its installation requires only a little knowledge and skill. When working with the instrument panel, it is advisable to replace the existing bulbs with LED bulbs. They are much more reliable, durable and more energy efficient when compared to the older vehicle filament lamps.

If the car is customized for a sporty driving style, seat belts are often replaced with harnesses. These belts, just on both shoulders, give the driver a particularly high posture. Their combination with modern belt tensioning systems is a personalization that requires great knowledge. Since seat belts are relevant to safety, a change has to be recorded. In contrast, seat belt covers do not have to be registered. These covers help prevent abrasion and premature belt wear. Finally, there are several special detergents for updating the interior. Upholstery detergents, synthetic detergents or polishers are created especially for materials used in vehicles. It is advisable to use special products instead of traditional household detergents. With Expertautopecas cleaning products you always have excellent cleaning performance without the risk of damaging the interior of your car with too violent products.

See which is the best coat for your car seat

There have been times when the leather-covered car seat is no longer a privilege for the few. More and more models come from factory with leather bench. Even if the item is not a standard, you can ask the dealer to install before you even remove the zero. Even in the new or used it is possible to install in authorized or hire an independent company that does this service. What many people do not know is that there are still other alternatives for coating the car seat in addition to animal leather. Check below the main ones.

Leather bench cover

This is the more expensive, but more durable, liner alternative to the car seat. The leather, besides the aesthetic appeal, has several advantages in relation to the fabric. It is more hygienic as it is less permeable. The tissue tends to accumulate mites and absorbs sweat and other substances as it is being used, requiring cleaning with a vacuum cleaner at least every fortnight. Leather, however, requires simpler maintenance, since only a damp cloth with detergent or mild soap can leave it clean. On the other hand, it requires hydration every two months, in addition to suffer more temperature variations, heating or cooling according to the weather.

Synthetic Leather Jacket

Artificial leather, also called in the ecological leather industry, can be 100% synthetic or have some percentage of animal leather in its composition. When of good quality, it has physical characteristics so close to the legitimate that often these two materials are confused. Ecological not only in name, one of its advantages is the fact of causing less environmental impact. In addition, its price is more affordable, even costing up to 40% of the value of animal leather. However, its durability is lower. It is also less comfortable since it does not allow the natural sweating of the skin as the genuine leather.

Fabric covers

The fabric covers are the most suitable alternative coating account for the bench. In addition to the fabric being cheaper than leather, they can be installed by the driver himself, without the need to pay for a specialized workmanship. Visually, however, they are less attractive. Often low cost is the main characteristic of this product, which makes the finish, for example, less careful.

Reclining Leather Case

An alternative that unites the aesthetics of the leather with the practicality of the cape is the covers in reconstituted leather, of the Car Fashion. They are made of animal leather, which goes through a spraying process and then is reconstituted on a fabric base, which leaves it malleable and easy to install. In addition, its price is about five times lower than that of leather, with a very similar final appearance. Whether for aesthetics, hygiene or comfort, if you chose to change the fabric for an alternative coating for the bench, you need to know the options available in the market to make the best choice. Each case is unique, and consideration must be given to price, product durability, and satisfaction with the end result. And you, prefer what alternative car seat cover? Tell us in the comments.

Get to know the news of Onix Activ

The Onix Activ came with a new design and more equipment. Sold by the average price of $ 57,000 in the manual version and $ 62,000 in the version with automatic transmission , it is the most adventurous option of the hatch line. Its look is more “pompous”, with the suspension elevated by three centimeters, compared to conventional models, in addition to the exclusive wheels and larger tires. Want to know more about Onix Activ? Continue reading and learn all about the vehicle!


Visually, Onix Activ has the design framework used for the entire Onix line and also the Prisma. The front is based on the second generation of the Cruze, with the finest headlamps and integrated to the split grill. The changes can be checked on the body frames, which are now plastic, and go around the underside of the car. That is: it starts in the front bumper with a unique design, goes through the fog lights, wheeled box and side skirts, arriving in the rear bumper. In addition, they put a rack in the ceiling. On the inside, the seats are lined in two tones and the steering wheel has control of audio functions, cruise control and telephone. The special detail goes to the Mylink 2nd generation multimedia center with a 7-inch touch screen, color touch screen and Android Auto and CarPlay mirroring.

Engine and Performance

The Onix Active has only the 1.4 engine option of up to 106 hp and 13.9 kgfm of touch. It can be coupled in two ways: manual or automatic 6-speed transmission with the option of lever for shifting gears. The electronic module is more powerful at 40%, and the cooling system and electronic management have also been renewed, alleviating the engine’s power loss. Even with all these changes, engine power and performance remain, meeting the basic needs of a compact vehicle on urban roads.

Economy and average consumption

According to the Inmetro consumption test, the average consumption of the Onix Activ with manual transmission with gasoline is 12.3 km / l in the city and 13.8 km / l on the highways. With ethanol, the yield is considerably reduced, with 8.4 km / l in the city and 9.4 km / l on the highway.


Onix Active has much of its functionality related to technology and connectivity. The main differences are as follows:

mylink: connected to Waze, allowing the visualization of maps and routes of the application directly from the Mylink screen;
On-board computer: functions of average consumption, average speed, autonomy, external temperature and travel time;
safety: antitheft alarm, flashlight and fog lights, dual airbag, abs brake system, tire pressure monitoring and more;
convenience: opening the trunk by remote control, rear camera, parking sensor, eyewear holder , progressive electric steering, among other features that aim for the comfort of the driver. These are the key information about Onix Activ. If you want a modern car with mechanical upgrades, aesthetic and an adventurous style, it may be ideal! So, did you like Onix Activ? If you want to receive more content like this, just subscribe to our newsletter to send all the news first hand. See you!